Fourandhalf Interviews ShowMojo at NARPM 2013 San Diego Conference

Fourandhalf is here at the NARPM 2013 meeting in San Diego, and we are always curious when we meet new, hot technology providers that help property managers do one thing or another. Today, I am talking to Peter Schuh who runs a company called ShowMojo, and I’ve asked him to describe what his company does.

ShowMojo: An Introduction

Showmojo is an online service for property managers to make their show times available to prospective tenants. With this system, tenants can schedule a showing online, directly from whatever site they happen to be on when viewing the rental listing. They can schedule from a property manager’s website, Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, HotPads or any other listing site.

The ShowMojo experience starts at the scheduling point. Once a showing is scheduled, everyone is notified about it and other parts of the service kick in. ShowMojo sends automated confirmations via email and text, doing whatever is needed to ensure the prospect makes it to the property. The system also notifies current tenants about the upcoming showing and sends follow up emails after the showing occurs. ShowMojo also cross markets any of the manager’s other listings so that the potential tenant doesn’t just look at one property, but maybe schedules three or four showings from that one online visit.

ShowMojo: The Value

There is a time and cost savings available to property managers who use Showmojo. As we know, time is money and on the time saving side, the Showmojo system can cut down your scheduling activity by 80 percent when implemented correctly. If you are advertising in the right places and you use Showmojo, you will reduce the call volume and the email traffic considerably. There is also time saved on coordination with all the parties involved in a showing and confirming times, places and dates. This is tremendously valuable to a smaller property management company, where maybe one person has to handle all of this and it’s even valuable to a larger property manager trying to free up time for leasing agents.

The second savings is with ShowMojo’s scheduling algorithm. Think about the amount of time and money you spend moving from one property to the next. The scheduling program can help make sense of where you need to go so you aren’t ping-ponging around a large county or moving between two areas that are quite spread out. This will save you gas and a lot of mileage.

Finally, there is value in avoiding no-shows. ShowMojo cannot stop all no-shows, but the system can really cut down on the number of no-shows you have to deal with by utilizing our scheduling and confirmation software.

At Fourandhalf, we think ShowMojo is a great idea and something property managers should learn more about. The company takes the whole process of scheduling – phone calls, emails, back and forth – and automates all of it. This makes the process easy for tenants to book the time they want and also suggests other properties they may want to consider. It helps property managers increase showings and get their properties rented.

If you have any questions, contact Peter at ShowMojo or get in touch with us at Fourandhalf, and we’d be happy to talk to you more about what we’ve learned.