If you’re interested in capturing more investor leads, we have some exciting news.

Fourandhalf is partnering with INVESTimate® because our mission is to help you grow your property management business, and this online software platform is pretty powerful.

Think of it as an investment-focused Zillow.

INVESTimate® Delivers Qualified Buyers and Sellers

INVESTimate® makes it easy for your investors to search for investment properties directly from your website. The goal of this platform is to expand your business by bringing in more qualified rental property owners and rental property buyers.

INVESTimate® predicts an investment property’s value in three ways:

  • Examining the purchase price.
  • Factoring the potential rental income.
  • Estimating a property’s operating expenses.

How INVESTimate® Works for Property Management Companies

Your clients and leads can use INVESTimate® to identify rental properties that they’d like to add to their portfolio. Or, if they want to sell, they can sell directly to another investor, which reduces your churn. Implementing this on your website is a win for you and for the investors you’re currently working with or hoping to work with.

If an investor is on your website and wants to purchase a property, they can do so through this platform, and then they will naturally look to you to manage that property for them. You get a link through INVESTimate® that private-labels this service to your brand and your property management company.

Investors can spend time on your website searching investment properties for sale. They’ll be redirected to the INVESTimate® platform, where they will use specific and targeted search criteria to look at and evaluate available properties based on location, the amount of money they want to spend, and filters that separate whether the buyer will finance the investment property or use cash.

If they’re looking for income-producing properties, they can search by that field, and if they’re looking for high-growth properties, they can search that way. Maybe they want an investment that’s in-between; there’s an intelligent recommendation engine that drives the options your investor clients will see.

Based on the search results that are produced, your investor will be able to do a deep dive into one or two properties at a time. There’s going to be a lot of rich financial data available for each property, including:

  • Cash flow
  • Down payment required
  • Out-of-pocket expense
  • Yield
  • Rental forecast
  • Listing price
  • Neighborhood stats including school scores and tenant demographics
  • Comparable data to other properties

This will be a unique service for local investors as well as remote investors who may not know your market. They’ll get all the information they need about schools, locations, and the tenant pool.

When you have an investor who wants to sell a property, it’s easy to do so through INVESTimate®. They can sell it as a rental property with a tenant in place to other investors. There’s no need to get the tenant out; it’s sold as-is to another investor.

This is a one-stop shop for all of your investor’s needs, whether they are purchasing an asset or selling one.

Implementing INVESTimate® on your Website

If your website is with Fourandhalf, this partnership will make implementation a breeze. We can integrate the INVESTimate® platform on your site, and you can immediately begin providing value to potential investor clients.

If you don’t have a website with our team but you’re interested in adopting this on your own site, please contact us at Fourandhalf today. We’d be happy to help you reach this new market of potential property management clients.