This week at Fourandhalf we are here to talk to you about how to grow or start your property management company. We have 3 tips for you today and they are CHEAP if not flat out FREE:

1. Reviews. Get more reviews. If you want to be a bigger property management company, or more importantly if you are a small property management company that wants to look like a larger company, get more online reviews. Potential clients cannot necessarily see the number of properties you manage when they look for you online, but if they go to Yelp or Google+ or another review site and see your reviews there, it will have an impact.

Think about it: who looks more successful – a company with 17 reviews, even if they only have 50 doors, or a company with just 3 reviews and perhaps 1,000 doors? The company with 17 (good) reviews will look bigger and better. So solicit your reviews and get some glowing ones on there that will balance out the negative reviews that all property management companies inevitably receive, no matter how good they are at what they do.

2. Blog. Lots of people say they don’t know what to blog about, or what people are interested in reading. But it’s very simple. Your customers probably call you all the time with questions. Start keeping track of those questions, and answer them in your blog posts, one at a time. It doesn’t have to be a long blog.

For example, if you get a call from someone wanting to know how you market the properties you manage; write a blog about the marketing process. How does this help grow your property management company? It answers pertinent questions online for people who are searching for it (people with the same problems as your current clients: prospective clients), making your company appear in search engines for all the services you supply. And on that note…

3. List Services. Make sure you list the services you provide on your website. This list must be easy to spot and you should put it on the front page if you can. This is beneficial not just because it makes the information easy for people visiting your site to access. It will also help you with SEO.

You want to rank for property management company in whatever area you serve, but wouldn’t it be great to also rank on there for tenant screening, property maintenance, eviction and all the other things you do? If you put those services on the front page of your site in plain text, they become additional terms for people to find you on Google (and all other search engines, of course…)

These are 3 easy things you can do for little or no money to help grow your property management company. If you need any help getting started, or you want to talk to us about Internet marketing for your property management company, please contact us at Fourandhalf.

When following these tips it is imperative to know how to close owners that reach out to learn more. Get insider tips and download our free 18-page eBook on “The Art of the Sale for Property Managers.”