Many of you know the benefits of creating content for your property management company, but you may still dismiss the idea of video blogs. Perhaps you think it’s not for you. We’ve heard people say it’s not who they are and not what they do.

An important question, though: Is this for you or for your company?

To help you answer that question, here’s an excerpt from an episode on the Property Management Show where our guest Jason Goldberg details:

“You need to shift from a place of ego to a place of service when you’re too worried about being perfect or being in front of the camera. If you tell me I’m afraid to be on camera and I’m afraid to share my message, and I tell you that a woman will be watching this who has only two weeks to live because she has terminal cancer and all she wants to do is watch someone talk about what they really care about on camera, would you do it? She isn’t a business owner and she isn’t going to buy anything from you, she just wants the relief of watching someone talk about what they really love. Can you help her with that? In that moment, of course you can do it. Why wouldn’t you? That’s the shift from it’s all about me to it’s all about them. Shift from ego to service.

It’s not for you. It’s for your company. You already do plenty of things you don’t enjoy doing, just for the sake of your company. So why wait? Creating video blogs is a proven method for growing your property management company.

To help make the process even easier, consider these two points that we advise our clients with.

Pretend You’re Talking to a Friend

Imagine that the camera isn’t even there, instead it’s an old friend who just bought a rental property and is asking you questions on how they should handle fair housing. Naturally, you’ll be relaxed, assertive, and even a bit enthusiastic for that old friend that’s asking those questions, and that’s the way you want to be for those videos. When you can imagine an old friend, you’ll be more comfortable talking about any number of topics.

Don’t Overthink It

It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. Understand that knowing what to do on a security deposit is not easy for a novice landlord. You’re the expert and what seems like common knowledge to you, is precious information for your target client. Your advice helps solve their problems and when it comes to content marketing, useful always beats amazing.

Video blogging can be made easy; for example, we don’t have a fancy camera – we use an iPhone for all of our blogs! If you have any questions about video blogging or marketing for property management companies, please contact us at Fourandhalf. We’re always happy to talk with you.