Five things can tell you whether your property management website is performing as well as it should. If you find out that your website is lacking in any of these areas, we suggest that you address these issues as soon as you can.  These SEO based strategies attract more owners and help you close more business. If you don’t know how to fix these or don’t have a webmaster available – get some help. Here are some hints and tips to take a look at on your own website.

1. Do You Have Clear Headlines That Describe Your Business?

Do you have a clear headline when people enter your home page? When someone visits your web page, does it say exactly what you do and where you do it? If someone has to look all around the home page to find out that you do property management in Albuquerque, chances are the search engines will have a hard time doing the same. Make sure property management in Albuquerque, NM is spelled out clearly and distinctly at the top of the page, so that it doesn’t leave any room for interpretation for visitors and search engines alike.

2. Do You Have Human Readable URLs?

Your URL is the address of your website and you want to make sure that the URL of your website and subpages are all neat, clean, and concise as well. When people go deeper into your site, you want to make sure the URL that shows up is easy to read and isn’t full of characters and numbers that don’t make any sense.

Search engine crawlers read your URL to help decide how you should rank. Make it clear and easy to both humans and search engines what each page is about. As an example, when a visitor goes to your property management services page, the URL could be If every page is clear and concise like that, you’re in good shape.

3. Do You Have Videos On Your Homepage?

Your homepage should absolutely include videos and images. It has been proven that video helps your website’s SEO tremendously. Google counts the amount of time that a visitor spends on your site. Having a video is effective because it keeps people on your site for that extra 30 seconds or a minute. Video provides a competitive advantage, so use it. Embedding your video from YouTube makes it easy for Google to track how long people have been on your site.

4. Do You Have Website Copy That Converts Owners into Clients?

People have always wanted to know, what is the magic number of words to gain the biggest SEO benefit on each page of your website? Well that magic number is anywhere between 100 and 1,000 words. That gives you a lot of leeway, and you won’t have to worry about having too many or too few words.

In reality, the important thing to keep in mind is: make sure that your website copy is clear to your visitors. You want your copy to persuade visitors to reach out to you and learn more about your services. Remember that search engines are getting smarter. Keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore. Saying “Albuquerque property management” every few lines will not benefit you and can actually harm you. Keep the writing natural so people can understand you. Your copy needs to convert visitors into property owner clients.

5. Do You Have Forms on Your Website?

Finally, you need a form on your website so people can easily contact you (and so you can collect their contact information). If you don’t already have a form that’s easy to fill out and submit, have someone in your company put one somewhere on your site. This reduces a lot of friction in having people reach out to you. We suggest that you have forms on your homepage, your property management services page, and your contact us page at least.

Take a look at your website to find out if it has all these things. If your review has found that things are missing or could be improved, please contact us at Fourandhalf as we also offer free SEO audits for property management companies.