Google+ is getting ready to leave the building, and we want to calm some fears and share some information about where it’s going and what’s happening next. We’ll also let you know how this change affects your property management business.

What Happens to My Google Reviews?

When you received the email from Google notifying you that the Google+ platform will no longer be provided by the world’s biggest search engine, you might have felt a little bit of panic. Many of the questions we received included – What will happen to my property management company’s reviews on Google?

This feels like a big change, and we don’t blame you for being a little nervous. But, don’t worry. Your reviews are staying the same. Your business listing will essentially be the same. Instead of using Google+, you’ll be moved over to Google My Business.

Google+ vs. Google My Business: What’s the Difference?

Google+ was more of a social platform. It felt like Facebook or Twitter. Users could share articles, post whatever they wanted, and create a social community. At Fourandhalf, we used Google+ to share third-party articles as well as post our own blogs.

Now, Google My Business will be your central hub. Your property management business listing will still be a prominent place for people to go when they want to learn more about you. They can find your address, where you are on Google Maps, and read all your reviews. Don’t worry about losing all that precious information. There’s no need to be concerned. We know you work hard gathering those reviews – and they aren’t going anywhere.

Want to know more about how to set up your GoogeMyBusiness to maximize your online presence? Check out our other GoogleMyBusiness blog.

Mark Your Calendars for the Transition

In the email you received from Google, two dates are important. First, February 4, which was the last date that Google allowed users to create a new Google+ page. This is not an option anymore. 

April 2 is the official date that Google+ will end. You won’t have access to that platform once April 2 rolls around. That’s the closing date, and it will no longer exist after that day. 

Property Management Companies Can Share Content on Google My Business

You may be wondering what this means for your property management company’s ability to share content on Google.

That’s a great question.

You’ll have the opportunity to share content and add to your Google profile, and this new platform will help you build a business presence. There are ways you can leverage this for your property management company.

Google My Business allows you to post content on your profile. You can share content such as blogs, photos, and any relevant information. This is a good way to get your content out there. It bridges the gap pretty seamlessly between Google and Google My Business. You’ll now have one central location for all of your material instead of several separate spots.

We know that Google changes rapidly, and those changes can sometimes be confusing. If you have any questions about this new change or anything related to property management marketing, reach out to the experts here at Fourandhalf.