Today, we are sharing four easy, non-technical things you can do to get more property management leads from your Google Ads campaign. These tips will also help you get more leads outside of running the actual campaign.

Online Reputation

Try putting yourself in a prospective client’s shoes. While looking for a property management company, they are going to see various search results, landing pages, and ads. They are always going to be looking for the best company in their local area, someone they can trust, which is why your reputation is so important. Whether or not they find you with Google Ads or with a regular organic search, they are very likely to look up your company’s reputation. If they use an organic search on Google, your online rating will show up right within the search results. If you have the highest number of stars, they will call you first, and the company receiving the first call gets the first chance to close that business – as long as you call them back right away, but that’s a subject for another blog.

In addition, if you have four or five stars on Google, you have a much better chance to get business over your competition – so capitalize on that, and advertise your good reputation. You need to mention those reviews on your landing page and webpage.

Local Reputation

If you don’t have the best reputation on Google search, try to look for some other things you can do to make your company stand out while you improve your reputation. One way you can do this is by getting involved locally. Awards and accreditations can go a long way. Try to get voted the “Best Property Management Company” in Hayward, or get your business accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so that logo can go on your page.

These things will add value to your landing page and attract business to your company. However, a high online reputation will always drive more business than local accreditations, so while you do this, continue to work on getting more stars from online reputation companies.

Value Propositions

Many people searching for property management are looking for value. On your website and landing page, feature a special offer that will get a value-motivated client to pick up the phone and call you. A few examples of good special offers are: a military discount, eviction protection, or a tenant guarantee. It all depends on your desired clientele; think of what would appeal to them. These offers help close the deal, and help you track where your leads are coming from. If they mention the deal, you’ll know that they called because of the ad.

Focus on the factors that made the last three owners decide to go with your company over the competition. In fact, that’s good homework for you – ask them this: “Why did you choose my company over someone else?” You might not currently know what sets you apart from your competition, but there’s a reason those owners made their choice. If you figure that out and capitalize on it, you’re set apart from the crowd. You can tell everyone looking for a property manager that you’re doing something different.

Your AdWords Campaign Budget

Finally, help your AdWords campaign by having a sufficient budget for your market. This is very important for your business. You will need an adequate budget to get a certain amount of clicks per day. For example, if you are in Hayward and the cost of the top page click is $10, and your budget is $20 per day, you’re only going to get two clicks per day. If your competitors are spending more, your budget won’t get you very far. You want opportunities and results, and that means you need to stay on the first page of Google for as long as possible. A better budget per day gives you a higher chance to close more business.

In parting, we will say this again: make sure you’re answering your phones and returning calls quickly. If you’re not responding to inquiries, there is no point in running an AdWords campaign. You need to respond to your leads immediately – otherwise they are just going to call the next person on the list, and your AdWords money went right down the drain.

If you have any questions about Google Ads campaigns, or would like more information about property management marketing, please contact us at Fourandhalf.