You have thought about it, haven’t you?

Perhaps it is in the back of your mind, nagging at you. Maybe you are hoping that this social media thing will go away, dissipate for good in few years. Maybe you want to blog, but can’t find a suitable topic or don’t know where to start. Maybe you want to blog but you just don’t see the value, or, like many property managers I spoke with, you feel that your blog should look like a five o’clock news commercial and should be “professionally choreographed,” narrated with a gruff voice and polished off with a cheesy song.

Whatever school of thought you belong to, subscribe to our Fourandhalf blog and learn the benefits and how-to’s of blogging for property managers. We are creating a whole new category to bring blogging education to Property Managers.

Today, we are kicking off with the basics: Why should Property Managers have a blog?

Three key reasons:

1. Organic Search Rankings

What is the magic word that Google and other search engines use to rank websites? Content, of course!

Well, actually, search engines use the combination of Content, Rich Media, Website Traffic, Outside Inbound Links to Your Website and, lately, Social Engagement. Where does your company website stand when you measure it against the above criteria? Probably not very high.

At this point, many of you will throw the following argument in my face: “But my website is on top of the Google search for ‘mytown property management,’ and we’ll be fine, thank you.”

Yes. You will be fine. Until someone better will come along and sweep those search rankings away. As far as search engines are concerned, you don’t have to be the best, you just have to be better than everyone else in your town.

Here are few industry examples.

Example #1

If you search for: “property management springfield mo,” will come up on top. According to Paul’s blog, he never paid any money for Google SEO to get ranked; however, Paul and his partner Jessica have great educational blogs and a very popular Youtube channel.

Example #2

We don’t have to go far to find property management software industry leader Appfolio. How did Appfolio manage to come up on the first page of just about any search term related to “property management?” A very popular educational blog and Youtube Channel.

Example # 3

Search for “Social Media for Property Managers.” You’ll likely find articles and videos on the first page. Why? Because we  provide real educational content to help the property management industry use social media tools.

As you can see, if you are willing to invest in educating your customers, Google and other search engines will reward you with high-ranking organic search position.

2. Establish Yourself as an Expert Property Manager

Perhaps you are looking to invest in San Francisco Real Estate and come across Stephanie’s “Investor’s Guide” blog post from Gordon Property Management.

Whether or not you are ready to hire a property manager at this stage is irrelevant. Now you have a source of information and you’ll likely subscribe to the blog and follow the company on Twiiter, Facebook, etc. When you are ready to hire a property manager, who would you call?

3. Your prospects will feel like they know you, which makes it easier for them to pick up the phone.

Who would you rather speak with: a complete stranger or someone you know? The obvious answer is, of course, someone you know. Video blogging offers property managers the tremendous advantage of being “someone you know”. Be personable, be yourself, provide educational content, and your prospects will feel more comfortable picking up the phone and reaching out to you.

There are probably 50 other reasons for property managers to author a blog; however, I am interested in your thoughts. Why aren’t you blogging yet? And if you are, comment with your blog link!