Why Does Fourandhalf Charge an Implementation Fee?

Today, we are answering a question that we get a lot: what is an implementation fee, and why do we charge it? It’s a fair question. Fourandhalf provides Internet marketing services to property management companies. We are a services company, just like many of our property management customers. Our implementation fee correlates directly with the amount of time it takes to initially get you up and running.

When you sign up with Fourandhalf, there are a large set of tasks we need to complete in order to help you be successful.

First, there’s the kickoff call. This is where we set up our systems with you and ensure we are able to access all the necessary information. We want to make sure everything is secure and organized. Then we build some social pages and optimize them, making sure the business descriptions are consistent and clear across your social media platforms. We take a look at your website and your logos and we make sure everything is correct and the artwork is in place. If necessary, we’ll buy the artwork for you. Our goal here is to get your whole social media presence looking professional and appealing.

A big part of our implementation is hunting down and killing off any Google + duplicates. This can really hurt your rankings. We can only take care of duplicates by calling Google, so there’s a lot of time spent on the phone and sending emails to Google’s support team. We completely clean up your presence and give you the right start. This means creating one place where all your reviews and information can be found and making sure your account is verified. We might make it look easy at Fourandhalf, but it takes a lot of time.

Next, we spend some time putting together your perfect client profile. In all your marketing, we want to make sure we are talking to your perfect client. That’s someone you want to do business with. Your perfect client will be different from your neighbor’s perfect client. Our job is to flesh that out and understand who you’re really talking to. They might be investors, reluctant landlords or luxury property owners. It’s very specific.

The next step is keyword research. We need to find out what those perfect clients are searching for online. Using that research, we come up with blog topics for you and present those to you. Then, we give you homework assignments to get those videos recorded. While you’re doing that, we are building your WordPress blog site and setting up your reputation management system. This requires phone calls and preparation for responding to bad reviews.

All of this happens within the first 60 days. The implementation fee takes care of your account managers and the work they do as well as a lot of our other team members who take the time to get you on a path to success. It’s an intense period of time in the beginning, and then we can focus on maintenance and pumping the right information out to those clients.

We hope this information was helpful. If you have any questions about the fees we charge and the services we provide, you can always contact us at Fourandhalf.