Hi, this is Alex with Fourandhalf. I am here with Stephanie Gordon. We just did some blog filming at her offices, and I wanted to sit with Stephanie for a minute and ask her a few questions.

Alex:                        What is it like to work with Fourandhalf?

Stephanie:            It’s been great. It’s pretty easy! There is definitely some work involved, particularly at first. But now that I’ve been working with Alex for over a year, I’m used to it and I have the rhythm of it, so what we did today really didn’t require a lot of time at all.

Alex:                        So we filmed some blogs that provided advice to San Francisco landlords and investors, in the hopes that the education we provide gets them interested in Stephanie’s property management services. Or, even just to put some good information out into the world. What have the results been? At the end of the day, after all of your effort and investment, is it worth it?

Stephanie:            It’s definitely worth it. I haven’t tracked anything, but I know I have gotten a lot of business from the video blogging. I am now getting regular calls every week about new property management inquiries. Also, I did one blog in particular about renting out your home in San Francisco, a “here’s what you need to know” kind of piece and anytime someone called, I would suggest that the person check out my blog. The response is always: “I’ve already seen it.” So, I know from questions I ask when people call that they found me through my blog site that Alex has helped with.

Alex:                        That’s great. A thoughtful consumer is someone who wants to educate themselves on what is going on in San Francisco and then hire the right property manager. That consumer would pay attention to what you have to say, and then call you. Here’s a question I haven’t asked anybody yet – have you seen an improvement in the quality of the phone calls compared to before you started your videos and educational information?

Stephanie:            I’m not sure. I think I’m definitely getting people who are ready to hire a property manager as opposed to those who are really just calling to look around. In some cases, I am getting people who aren’t talking to other property managers. They have seen my blog, they have seen me and they are ready to hire me to manage their property. So yes, I think I am getting better traffic since beginning the video blogs.

Alex:                        Stephanie, I can tell you that you have become excellent at sitting down and filming interesting and informative blogs for the San Francisco market. Thank you for this interview. I hope it was interesting for all of you as well. If you have any questions, please contact us at Fourandhalf; otherwise, we will see you next week.