Video Blogging Advice for Property Managers – Introduction

Alex and I decided to help out our property manager friends by sharing our “expertise” on the making of video blogs.  Some people are natural bloggers, unafraid on camera, and maybe a budding Steven Spielberg, but most of us need a little handholding or advice before we want to post ourselves for everyone to see. That’s what we’re setting out to provide.

The basic theme behind these instructional blogs is, “Professional, not Perfect.” When you try for perfection, you can’t help but fail, and worry over your performance in front of the camera.  We intend to reduce that stress by giving people some pointers for being prepared, and helping you identify and remove many of the problems you encounter shooting the video.  We want to help you reduce or avoid the distractions that get between your viewer and your message.

Some of those distractions include garish or poor choice of clothing color – you don’t want to be the same color as the wall behind you! – odd sounds, or weird shadows. We’ll also give you help getting prepared, sounding better, and placing yourself within the environment and in front of the camera to help you look your best.

We’re looking forward to sharing these tips with you and maybe having a little fun while doing it.

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Next time, we’ll talk about location and lighting. They’re just as important in shooting a video as they are in pricing a rental property. (Almost.)