Two words you hear a lot when it comes to marketing are branding and identity.

What do those mean?

Today, we’re explaining why branding and identity are important to your property management company.

Branding and Identity: A Definition

When we talk about branding and identity, we’re talking about the image you put out to the public.

Anyone who searches for you on Google will see what you have on your website and on social media. If they come across your booth at a conference or a trade show, they’ll see your banners and your brochures.

The question you need to ask is – are all those messages consistent?

Effective branding requires you to have an identity that’s easy to associate with who you are and what you do. You want the same look and feel to everything you put out. Your logo should be prominent on everything, whether it’s digital or printed. The colors should be the same. Your identity must be consistent.

Customers Need to Recognize You

Maybe the overall theme of your brand is something adventurous. Let’s say you’re doing a series of five postcards as part of a marketing campaign. On the first card, you might have a mountain climbing image, and on the second postcard, maybe there’s a picture of someone surfing. The next postcard is skydiving, and then all of a sudden you send something out with a picture of someone reading. That doesn’t make sense. It throws off your theme.

Branding and identity can make sure that when potential customers see something that you’re putting out into the world, they know it’s you at first glance.

Think of any major brand. You know what Coke and Pepsi look like. You know Apple and Google. They have consistent branding and messaging.   

Make sure you’re easy to identify on your website, your social media platforms, your ads and your brochures. This should stretch all the way to your business cards and email signatures. 

What Happens When You Re-Brand?

Mixed identities and brands will confuse people. They aren’t sure who you really are and what message you’re conveying. Sometimes, companies are in the middle of a rebrand. All of a sudden, three different images or identities are out there. One color scheme will be on their website, and then Facebook will have another color scheme. If you look at a Google Ad, there’s yet another color and logo.

If you want to re-brand, think about your strategy in advance. Be ready to launch the new brand at one time. Have your cover photos ready for social media. Make the banners match your website, and update your email campaigns and brochures so everything changes at once and there are no mixed messages. 

Branding, Identity and Your Property Management Company

This is important to you as a property manager because you’re trying to earn new business. Mixed identities and scattered branding can confuse a potential client and create the perception that you’re not organized. If someone who is thinking of doing business with you receives a postcard that looks one way, but your Facebook profile looks like something completely different, it might put them off.

When a potential landlord looks for you and sees your ads and your website and your social media presence and everything looks consistent, you will demonstrate that you’re organized and attentive to detail.

This will elevate the level of trust your company has with that landlord.

Prospective clients will be more willing to let you manage properties.

Property Management Branding and Identity Homework

Here’s some homework for you. Look at all the things you use to promote yourself. Look at them from an outsider’s perspective. This includes brochures, letterhead, your website and your business cards. At first glance, is it clear that it’s you? Is there a consistent message and the same look and feel on everything?

If not, contact us at Fourandhalf. This is what we do, and we’d be happy to help you.