Telling Your Story

Every business has a story.

Being able to tell that story in a way that connects and resonates with your perfect client is a crucial part of your property management marketing strategy.

Maybe you think your story isn’t that interesting.

Think again.

It’s probably not your story…but the way that you’re telling it.

How to Tell Your Property Management Story

Typewriter below the words 'What's your Story?'Storytelling, or narrative, is fundamental to how we live.

There are three things to remember when telling the story of your property management business:

  1. Stories help us create connection.
  2. Stories are about learning.
  3. Stories help us overcome information fragmentation.

Putting together the elements of your story in a way that connects with your audience is something that takes practice. Why? Because it’s not just about your story. It’s about your audience and how you’re trying to reach them.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t get it right on the first try. Artists, writers, directors, and even marketers have been working on this for a long time.

Storytelling Helps Us to Process Information

We mentioned three things that you need to focus on when you’re telling your story.

  • Creating connections is important because stories are personal. They help someone who hasn’t experienced your specific story connect with you because they see some of their own experience in what you’re talking about.
  • Stories help us learn and process information. We tie things together when we hear stories, and we feel inspired to make plans for the future.
  • Stories allow us to process a lot of information very quickly.

A young adult sits cross-legged in front of a blue wall. They ave a notebook on their lap in which they are writing.

What’s going on in your brain when you’re reading a newspaper or trolling social media sites or even walking down the street?

You’re processing data and information.

To do that, you have to put together a narrative or a story that helps you predict what’s going to happen in the future. It happens so fast we usually don’t realize we’re doing it.

Marketing = Storytelling

Male hand turns wooden cubes and changes the word 'storytelling' to 'storyselling'.Ask any good marketer and they will tell you this: marketing is storytelling.

Since we’re all telling stories ourselves all the time, why do you need a marketing company to tell your story? After all, it’s your story. You know what happens.

You know the story, but do you know how to effectively tell it?

Sometimes, stories go off the rails. Storytellers get lost, they forget the thread of what they were talking about, or they adopt a persona or a voice that just distracts from the real message.

They lose the audience or a client drifts away and is never heard from again.

Why do some stories come back to us over and over again?

They’re well-told.

Think about the Westside Story movie directed by Steven Spielberg, aka Romeo and Juliet. This is a 400-year-old play that people see every year. It’s a good story. And it’s told well.

Storytelling is something all of us do. It’s how we connect with each other. If you want to learn how to tell your story in a way that deeply resonates with your perfect property management client prospects, come talk to us at Fourandhalf.

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