Today we are talking about one easy thing you should do if you’re planning on managing your own marketing instead of hiring a Property Management Marketing Company. A few minutes on your end can bring you a lot of potential business. All you have to do is pay attention to your Google+ page.

Benefits of Google+ for Property Managers

When we at Fourandhalf start working with new clients, they don’t always know that they have a Google+ page. It’s always unfortunate when companies have a “Verified” check mark next to their page but no business information at all. Google favors those businesses with completed Google+ Business Pages when people are searching for local businesses. Think about a potential client searching for property management services in your area. If they see that you don’t take care of your social properties like Google+ and Facebook, it might lead them to wonder how you’re going to take care of their properties.

Finding Your Google+ Page

Search to see if you have a Google+ page by logging into any Gmail account you have access to (Start with the one you use the most.) At the top right of the window, next to your name, click the icon that looks like a grid of small squares. Then click on the red “G+” icon. This will bring you to the main dashboard. Hover over the “Home” icon at the left of the screen below the “Google+” logo. You’ll see a drop down menu and on that menu, you want to click on “Pages”. Once you see the “Pages” screen, you should be able to see a business page with a “Verified” check mark next to it. If you can’t find it, repeat this process with any other Gmail address that you might have.

If you do not see your Business Page under any of your Google accounts, one of three things may be true:

  1. You don’t have a Google+ Business Page.
  2. The page has not been claimed.
  3. It was claimed under a Gmail account you don’t have access to.

If you still wish to do this on your own, you can start here on the “Google My Business” page, or Fourandhalf has a service to do it for you.

Completing Your Google+ Page

Once you find your Google+ page, make sure you input all the necessary information. It should be 100 percent complete to show up best in Google’s listing. Include your business hours, a short description of your company, your phone number, address, logo and cover photo. Most companies can simply copy them from their webpage. Then, when someone does a search for property management in your area, they’ll see a list of business names with Google+ pin icons located next to them. When someone hovers over a business name on the list, a “Knowledge Card” featuring the information from the business’ Google+ page appears on the right hand side of the screen.

This one thing can make a big difference in bringing new business to your property management company, particularly if you have very good reviews on your Google+ page. If you have any questions or you need any help, contact us at Fourandhalf.