What Should Property Management Marketing Content Be About?

Property management marketing doesn’t need to be terribly complex. What you’re doing is pretty simple: demonstrating your expertise in order to attract new business. So what do those prospective owners and investors want to know? How can you structure your property management content to reach the right audience?

Here are some content ideas property management companies should consider. You’ve probably already written the blogs about how to find a great tenant and where to look for qualified vendors. It’s time to get creative and detailed.

A sticky note with the words "local marketing" is pinned by a dart to a striped dart board.Local Property Management Marketing: Address Your Market

Unless you’re a larger company with management companies all across the country, you’re pretty hyper-focused on your local market. The owners and investors looking for help in that market aren’t going to care about broad, high-level information. You need to demonstrate your local leadership, even while establishing yourself as an industry expert.

Here are some good property management content topics that can keep you focused on your local market and establish yourself as the go-to property manager in your region:

  • Local laws and ordinances. For example, in San Francisco, you’ll want to talk about rent control while in Austin or Dallas you may want to address changes to the Texas Property Code. Does your city require a license to rent out homes? Talk about it in your content.
  • Market trends and forecasts. Reach out to those investors who are wondering what to do with their investment properties now and over the next year. Share what you know about how the rental market is performing, what tenants are looking for, and where you see rental values going.
  • General cultural and economic trends affecting the rental market. Think about the pandemic and how every state and city had its own eviction moratoriums.

The tops of evergreen trees, representing content that stays fresh year-round.Keep Some Evergreen Property Management Content

When we talk about evergreen content, we mean information that stays relevant despite the season, the situation, or the specific market. All of that local news and information that you share is important, but you’ll also want your content to include educational and informative pieces that can be re-used and re-purposed for different reasons.

Evergreen content includes information on how to prepare a property for the rental market, why photographs are important in rental property marketing, how to choose a property manager, and tips on avoiding a bad tenant.

This type of information can be written up for blogs, podcasts, videos, articles, and included in eBooks. You can use it when a potential client has a specific pain point that you want to address during your sales process. For example, if you’re talking to an owner who has struggled with high turnover, send them the blog you published on tenant retention. Evergreen content is versatile.

A person sits at a laptop, searching online.Target Property Management Content to Online Searches

You know what kind of questions that rental property owners and real estate investors are asking. They probably ask you these questions. Use that information to structure your property management marketing. When you answer their questions in a blog or on your property management website, you’re not only providing an answer to that one person. You’re sharing information with an entire network of owners who likely have the same question.

For your property management content to show up in Google searches and other online queries, you need to know what those owners are searching for online when they start typing into their phones or laptops. What questions are they asking? What specific keywords are they using?

This is where a property management marketing company can help. We spend time tracking what owners want and need. We can help you with your content and ensure that content is found by the people who need it – your future clients.

Contact us at Fourandhalf. We can help you identify what your ideal clients need from your property management content.

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