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Here at Fourandhalf, we are always on the look out for new and exciting technology to help property managers run their businesses more efficiently. As it happens, last week we crossed paths with Merrick, who is the CEO and co-founder of Merrick took few minutes to chat with Alex and tell us about Rently’s property management access system that can potentially save time and money for busy property managers.

What Rently Does

According to Merrick, Rently makes it possible to let a contractor or a potential renter into your property without having to drive to the location and let them in yourself. This can be a huge time saver for property managers who might have to juggle multiple properties. The Rently system registers users by gathering pertinent contact and credit card information and then provides an access code once the property manager decides that access can safely be granted. There are two scenarios where Rently is especially helpful:

Instant Access

A potential tenant might be walking down the street or driving through a neighborhood when they see a For Rent sign in front of a property that looks appealing. Instead of trading phone calls and messages back and forth with the property manager, that potential renter only needs to use a smart phone to scan the QR code that is visible on the For Rent sign. Once this is in the phone, the renter can input all of his or her personal information as well as a valid credit card number for security purposes. That information is immediately transmitted to the property manager, who can make a decision to let the renter into the property. If you like to ask a few of your own questions first, you can speak with the renter on the phone and follow your own vetting process. Once you are comfortable, you can provide an access code that will work instantly.

Continual Access

Perhaps you have a contractor or a leasing agent who needs regular access to the property. Instead of showing up there to let them in, you can provide your trusted contractors and partners with an access code that will give them continued entry into the property. All they need to do is call into the system with that code, and they will be able to get in any time they need to.

Property managers spend dozens of hours every week and every month showing vacant properties and facilitating entry for people who are there to get work done. Rently can reduce that time, and free up hours and days in a property manager’s schedule for business development and other important activities. Many property managers would agree that they would rather spend their time elsewhere.

Saving Time and Money

The little box that stores all the necessary data saves money as well as time, according to Merrick. A customer in Los Angeles started with one Rently box and immediately increased the number to 10 in order to streamline the hundreds of showings that property managers did every month. The amount of money that is saved has equaled an entire person’s full time salary. Instead of spending $5,000 to $10,000 on showings every month, the property manager is now spending a few hundred dollars.

We are excited about Rently because it is new technology made to help property managers manage showings and entry in an efficient, secure and cost effective way. They monitor the entire process from registration to checking in and checking out. Check it out at

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