While attending the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) Broker/Owner Retreat in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to ask people, when they visited us at our booth,  “What was the one thing you learned, that you want to take home to implement in your own business?” Here’s a sample of what they told us:

This is my third year attending these conferences, and I can’t nail it down to one thing because I always learn a lot more than I want to learn at these conferences, but I wouldn’t miss them for anything.”

-Ramer Spurr, Spurr Property Management, Long Beach CA

A big takeaway for me is that I have realized I have hundreds of happy, satisfied clients and I need to get testimonials and videos from them so we can put them on our website.”

-Jock McNeill, Alliance Property Management, Santa Rosa CA

One thing I took away is that I’m going to look at doing some in-house maintenance. I’ve been against it for many years because I felt like it was a conflict of interest between owners and property managers by trying to keep cash flow going for them while getting a cheaper price, but I think I might be able to do it cheaper after listening to these property managers here. If I can keep my clients’ cash flow up while getting them cheaper service, I am going to give it a shot.”

-Mike Catalano, Real Estate Connections, Los Gatos CA

I took away two things; one, I need to keep coming to these conferences because every time I come, I learn more, and two, I have to do a better job of managing my online reputation.”

-Kevin Knight, Liberty Management, San Antonio TX

Here, I met a lot of brokers and I realized there are more ways to revenue than just management fees.”

-Jim McNeeley, Jim McNeeley Real Estate and Property Management Inc., Portland, OR

What I learned is from the great Robert Lock with Crown Property Management in Atlanta: Have your reports, check your reports and know where your money is at.”

-Bob Thomas, KTB Property Management and President-elect/Conference Chair for California Association of Property Managers

We had a great time at the conference, and got the chance to meet many of the people that we’d been talking to over the past year, and a number of others that told us they’d been reading our blog. If you see us at your regional conference, don’t be shy, come up and tell us what you think – we’d be happy to meet you!