If you are going to the NARPM National Convention in Atlanta this year, you need to go see Fourandhalf’s talk on Friday, October 16. (If you’re not going to the conference, you need to find a way to get there!) This year, Alex and John from Fourandhalf will be talking about how to run, scale, and exit your property management company like a tech startup.

Using the Tech Model

We’re using the technology industry as our model because they include some of the fastest growing companies in the world right now. They know one of the most important factors for their growth is their ability to acquire and retain top talent. So, we will be talking about building company culture and instilling an owner mentality in your employees, just like they do in Silicon Valley. However, we won’t only be teaching from the best practices of successful tech companies, we’ll also look at our very own Andrew Propst and his company, who we interviewed specifically for this talk.

Building a Business

In our presentation, we’ll show a model business plan which details what you should be doing with your company at each stage as it grows in size from zero to hero. We’ll talk about budgets, building a sales team, and what to do about compensation. You’ll see the changing job description for you as the owner, and we’ll also tell you how your company structure should change over time to maintain your company’s effectiveness.

Sales Process

You can only maximize your company’s growth rate when you have a sales process in place. We’ll tell you why that’s so, teach you how to structure a sales process and capitalize on every lead to keep a steady growth rate.

Exiting Your Company

Once you’ve spent the time and effort to build your company, the time will come when you wish to exit it. This may not be the plan for today or tomorrow, but eventually you will move on to something else. We will show you how to establish a value for what you’ve put together and where to sell it. You have the potential to walk out of your business with $2 million in 78 months.

If you’re not busy on October 16 at 2:15pm, come and see us in Atlanta. Contact us at Fourandhalf if you need any further details.

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