We talk a lot about content marketing

But, what is it?

More importantly – does it still work in 2022?

We’re answering some of those questions today.

What is Content Marketing for Property Managers?

content marketingLet’s start with a simple definition of content marketing. 

Content marketing is a marketing strategy in which you provide educational content to your clients and prospects to help them solve their issues. 

There are a number of benefits to content marketing, including:

  • Increased sales
  • Cost savings
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Improved SEO

Instead of delivering a sales pitch to your prospects, you’re providing information and education that they will find valuable. 

Content Marketing Increases Sales

increase salesContent marketing can help you increase your sales. 

During the sales process, you can utilize the content you created in the past to help answer any questions a prospective client may have. 

If you’re talking to an owner who expresses concerns or has questions during the interview process about a specific topic, you can email them relevant blogs that will answer their questions and cover the areas that they are concerned about. 

This builds trust and establishes you and your company as a trusted property management partner. It also increases the likelihood that they will sign a management contract without much effort on your part.

Having a backlog of content on those frequently asked questions will save you a lot of time during the lead nurturing process. 

It will also save you money. 

Content Marketing and Cost Savings

Instead of spending time and money creating new content for all your marketing channels such as email, social media, Google ads, and others, you can re-use the content you’ve already created. 

You have the blogs and the videos and the articles. Simply re-share that content across all of your different platforms. You will continue to increase your audience and attract new business without the investment of additional resources.  

Content Marketing Builds Customer Loyalty

By providing your current and prospective customers with helpful blog content that answers their questions, you are establishing yourself as an expert in the property management industry. 

Stay on top of relevant topics, such as local laws that may affect your owners’ properties. This will show them that you can be trusted to care for their interests. It also increases the likelihood that they will continue to work with you and even refer you to their friends and colleagues. 

Improve Your SEO with Content Marketing

SEOPerhaps one of the most important benefits to content marketing is that having a lot of high-quality blogs helps you appear on a wide variety of searches engine results online. This means more traffic for your website and it allows your site to show up higher on those search results. 

These blogs you create and share will keep people on your website longer, which improves your SEO. Check out our blog on Property Management SEO Explained for more information on this particular advantage. 

Is Content Marketing Still Relevant?

Here at Fourandhalf, we have been proclaiming the benefits of content marketing since 2012, when we first started helping property managers market their businesses better. 

Content marketing is even more relevant today. As more and more property managers get into the digital marketing space, having a large library of content will help you set yourself apart from your competition.

According to HubSpot’s “The State of Content Marketing in 2022:

  • 90% of marketers using content marketing plan to continue investing the same amount in the channel in 2022. 
  • 66% of marketers expect their content marketing budget to increase more than their 2021 budget.

The HubSpot data also shows that video blogs are particularly important.

If you’re wondering how to get started with content marketing, contact us at Fourandhalf. We’re happy to help your property management company leverage what you can do with content.

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