BiggerPockets is an online forum that can help with property management business growth.

The site does free webinars, offers educational videos and provides calculators that can help with rental properties.  

The people participating on BiggerPockets range from amateurs to experts. They’re all sharing their knowledge about real estate investments.  

As a property manager, this is a great place for you to network with like-minded people.  

You should be part of this conversation, and today we’re telling you how to connect with the community on BiggerPockets and what it will mean for your property management business.  

Property Management Exposure: Join the Directory 

Add your business to the directory of real estate companies. This is pretty easy. Get a membership to BiggerPockets, and you’re invited to add your information to the directory. When people search for things such as Texas property management, your listing will come up in their search results.   

Join or Host Real Estate Meet-Ups  

Check out the section where real estate meet-ups are discussed. People will be posting their meet-up information, or you can post your own. Be transparent. Read the guidelines about the intent of your meet-up, and be sure to mention if your event will cost money.  

This is a great resource because if you can do a meet-up with some local investors, you’ll have the opportunity to do some networking. You’ll meet people who may have a reason to do business with your property management company.   

Visit the Real Estate Marketplace 

The real estate marketplace is the only place you can solicit and sell services. You don’t necessarily want to be the company that goes in there and spams people to death with constant advertising. But, if your work involves partnering with wholesalers or people looking to purchase investment properties, there are financing deals available and other valuable services that people might need. So, monitor that section and post the services that your company offers.    

Answer Questions and Offer Advice  

You can answer questions about property management and post about your expertise. This demonstrates who you are and enhances your authority in the industry. When people search, they can see all the posts you’ve done and all the assistance you’ve offered. It’s a value for you to be there honestly and enthusiastically answering questions about the industry you love. 

You’ll find networking opportunities that put you in touch with real live investors. Amateurs and experts will have questions that provide you with insight into their thought processes and concerns. This is a goldmine of information for you. It can inform your blog posts and feed you ideas for what kind of content you should have on your website. Shape your value propositions according to the services you provide and the questions people have.   

If you have any questions about BiggerPockets or marketing for property managers, please contact us.