Grow Your Property Management Company with Self-Directed IRA Investors - Meet IRA Innovations

As you probably know, at Fourandhalf we try to bring you the latest, most interesting technology, methods, and partners that help your property management company. Today, we are talking to Bill Goulis, who runs a company called IRA Innovations. This company helps property management companies grow, but in a very unique way. Take a look at what Bill has to say about what they do:

IRA Innovations holds self-directed retirement accounts. Most people think you can only have stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and savings bonds in a retirement account. That’s actually the furthest thing from the truth. We help people invest in what’s known as “alternative assets,” and the most common alternative asset people invest in is some sort of real estate. That might be a single family residence, an apartment building, or any other type of real estate.

We’re here talking to property managers, to let them know that they grow their business by managing properties for investors who bought their real estate within their IRA. IRA Innovations “holds” the IRA because an investor is required to have a custodian who does that. Next, if necessary, we can help investors find a property anywhere in the USA. Once a property is purchased, our investors need a property manager to handle that property, who is paid directly from the IRA.

In addition, you might already have clients who like investing in rental homes, and would like to have more. Those investors might not be aware they can buy an investment property with their IRA. Property Managers can easily make that introduction for us because they already know and have good relationships with these people. We then help educate these investors and show them they can use money they already have and put it in assets they are comfortable with. Everyone benefits, because when they buy another property, you get an extra management contract.

At Fourandhalf, we think this is an awesome program for property managers to offer to their clients. Your owners need to know that they can use their IRAs to buy more properties. Bill and IRA Innovations help property managers get more properties under management, and that’s great for the bottom line of your business.

Contact us at Fourandhalf if you have any questions, and we’ll talk to you again next time.