Google is in the process of making a big change to the way local search results are displayed, and eventually which businesses show up. Today, we discuss what it means for you and your business.

Google Local Business Search Results

Previously, when people searched for property management companies on Google, they saw a list of seven companies next to the Google map. However, things have changed a little bit. Now, when people search “property management denver” for example, instead of listing out seven businesses next to the map, they will now see a list of only three results. This appears to be the new default layout for Google search results pages. But that’s just the first step…

Google Home Services Ads

What Google really wants to do is to turn those three spots into paid advertising opportunities for their platform. So, right now if you try searching “plumbers in San Francisco”, you’ll see three plumbers at the very top of the page in the place usually reserved for AdWords. To show up you’ll need to pony up some cash. 

If this type of paid advertising is something you’re interested in, be aware that Google has announced that there will be background checks, among other procedural requirements.

What to Do If You Are Not on Page One

If you happen to be one of those companies that is ranked four and beyond on your Google Local search results, we recommend focusing on improving your reputation by getting really good online reviews on Google+. That way, when people click to see property management businesses beyond the first three, your business will be visibly better than the competition – and get that first call.

As you know, online marketing is always changing, and this is just one of many examples. If you have questions about ranking higher on Google or you’d like to talk more about this recent news, please contact us at Fourandhalf.