Have you ever thought about what your property management company could do with two, three or even five extra sales a month?

What if you could add $36,000 in annual contract value every single month?

Today, we’re talking about some easy and common mistakes that sales people make.

Sales Mistake No. 1: Not Peeling the Onion

When you get a phone call, you need to quickly understand what your prospective client wants. It’s important to understand and identify the pain points in this first conversation. If you just blaze through your sales speech and hang up the phone, you’re making a big mistake. You need to let your prospect do most of the talking so you can understand the pain points that your potential client is grappling with. 

Sales Mistake No. 2: Not Addressing those Pain Points

Once you know what the paint points are, it would be a big mistake not to address them. Analyze what your prospective client is telling you, and then deliver a response that demonstrates you have a plan to make things better. Show that person that you care, and that understand what they need. 

Sales Mistake No. 3: Schedule a Follow-Up Call

A lot of sales people will leave it up to the prospect to call back or get in touch with any further questions. That’s a huge mistake. Instead of saying “do you have any other questions?” try saying “what day next week would be good to talk again?” Let them know you want this sale by setting up a follow-up call before you hang up the phone. Don’t just expect that your prospect will call you back. Instead, they’ll call other companies, and you’ll probably lose a sale. No one wants to lose a sale. So, set that follow-up call.

Sales Mistake No. 4: Not Setting the Agenda for the Next Call

You have to forecast the next call. Let the client know what the conversation will be about. Between that first and second call, you can send some blogs or articles you’ve done that address the pain points you’ve discussed. Let the client know what the conversation will be about. If this prospect fits the profile of your perfect client, you’ll be aligned with what’s happening and what the next conversation will be like.

Sales Mistake No. 5: Not Asking for the Sale

This is the biggest mistake sales people make. It’s one common and easy thing that will make or break your deal. You have made it through a couple of conversations and you’ve established yourself as the expert property manager who can solve this prospect’s problems. Now, what do you do?

You don’t invite the prospect to call you back once they’ve made up their mind. That’s a mistake. It’s also a good way to lose the deal.

Instead, ask if all the prospect’s issues and questions have been addressed. When they say yes, send them the contract and tell them it’s time to get it signed.

You need to address this as an assumptive sale. Believe that the client wants to work with you.

Set yourself up for success. Avoiding these mistakes will get you those extra sales every month. That means more money, more profit and a better property management company.

If you have any questions about these sales mistakes and how to correct them, contact us at Fourandhalf. We’ll be happy to tell you more.