Dizmang Associates started using Social Media in early 2006! To put that in perspective, in early 2006, Facebook was still in a dorm.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to interview Jessica and Paul on Skype. I dared not to cut any of it (well, maybe just few of my “umms…”) – fascinating stuff!

You won’t hear this stuff anywhere else – a true account on how Social Media engagement affected their Property Management business.

Here is what you’ll learn from this interview:

  • How Jessica’s and Paul’s Blogging efforts landed them on top of Google
  • Why making Social Connections Online brings business
  • Video Blogging Matters
  • How to use Twitter to get business
  • Why you should run your website on WordPress
  • Why Google doesn’t care about keywords
  • Best way for Property Managers to get started with Social Media