So you got a Facebook Page for your Property Management company – now what?

Firstly, you need to clearly define the purpose and strategy of your Facebook presence. Here at Fourandhalf we firmly believe that the main purpose and definition of a Property Management company’s Facebook policy should revolve around improving the experience of your current clients, both Owners and Tenants.

Once your strategy is defined, lets understand the business goals and quantify the benefits your business will enjoy by fully engaging your Facebook platform.

Firstly, what do you get out of this?

  • Improved Online Reputation

Your Facebook page will attract web savvy customers (tenants and owners) who are willing and able to offer you Positive Business Online Reviews on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, etc; all you have to do is ask! A typical property management company is only reviewed by .03% of their customers, and mostly unhappy ones. How can you change that? Well, all you have to do is ask. Fourandhalf actually works with customers to define what we call a “Success Trigger” upon which, the Online Review Request is sent to a customer.

Another way your Facebook presence will help in improving your online reputation is by providing additional channel of communications to your customers. There is a very good chance that prior going to Yelp and Google Places, where you have no control, your customer will give you chance to deal and resolve the issue by letting you know on Facebook. Don’t be afraid of it – embrace it! Remember each external negative business review could be costing your business $525/month or more!

  • Time Savings

Your staff will save time working with web-savvy Tenants and Owners. Push more of your customer processes online by offering easy Facebook access to your online services such as Portals, Online Rent Payments and Maintenance Requests – all through the comfort of your company Facebook page. Save time on back and forth voice-mails and emails and manage your online conversations in one place – be a hero to your customers.

Consider the difference between a text message and a phone call. Can you save time by asking your friend to stop by your house at 4pm by sending a text rather then calling? Sure, not having to leave a message and then get a call back saves time – text is more convenient for these types of conversations and short requests.

Your customers are already on Facebook and with the recent addition of Facebook Private Messaging for businesses, there is no reason why you can’t respond to your customer questions and easily keep track of all the conversations.

  • Higher Google Rankings

Social Engagement is one of the key factors that drive your SEO (your website search ranking compared with your competition). There are multiple factors that go into Google’s algorithm to decide how to rank your website. Are you on the first page of Google for “Yourtown Property Management” search? If you are, great job, but don’t get complacent. The search engine algorithms are changing with shifting emphasis towards Social Engagement. Get ahead of the pack before some hot shot Property Management Start Up catches up.

What do you think? Do you have any other Facebook Strategy Tips to Share? Comment away!

Stay tuned for Part 2 – How to Design and Develop Your Facebook Page.

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