Candidates won and candidates lost, but that is not the point of today’s article. Today, we want to talk about using the election to make some blogs on some very popular hot-button issues. If you were ever stuck on what to blog about for your property management company, you now have some timely material that will attract landlords – creating blogs on the propositions and ordinances that got passed in your state, neighborhood, and county.

Turning Propositions into Blogs

As an example, here in California, we had around 17 new propositions on the ballot; some of them were pretty famous, even elsewhere around the country. For example, Proposition 64 legalized marijuana, and we know from experience that there will be a lot of landlords searching this topic for answers and advice.

A few ways a resourceful property manager could address this in a blog are:

  • What Proposition 64 means in your community and how this affects landlords.
  • How you will handle marijuana as a property manager.
  • Will your leases include whether or not tenants can smoke pot at your client’s property?

Owners in your service area are curious about this information and any other relevant information when owning rental property.

These Rental Management Topics Are Relevant

If you don’t believe this sort of blog can work for you, here’s a more mature example: California’s Prop 215 previously legalized medical marijuana. A number of our property management clients made successful blogs on this very topic. In particular, Keith Becker from DeDe’s Rentals, who’s been with us for many years, did a blog on Prop 215 in 2012, which still gets traffic to this day. 

It is one of his highest ranking and most frequently viewed blogs. It’s been evergreen for him, and it got more attention the second year than in the first year. A lot of landlords’ first introduction to Keith was through his Prop 215 blog.

Find Your Topic and Create Content

No matter where you are, chances are there was a proposition or ordinance on the ballot that affects landlords in your area. The election may have resulted in property tax changes, rent control ordinances, and other hot button topics. Feel free to click here to see what ballots were passed in your state. People will be looking for information on these subjects now. They will be especially interested in financial issues between now and tax season.

Our advice? Dust off your cameras, get your desk situated, and get some blogs done.

If you need any help with blog ideas, well that’s our specialty, you can always reach out to us at Fourandhalf – Internet Marketing for Property Management.