Today, we are talking about your website and how it’s performing for you. When evaluating your website, there are three questions you need to ask:

  1. Is newer competition ranking higher on Google search than you are?
  2. Are you not showing up for the search term you really want to focus on?
  3. Are you getting the wrong kind of traffic to your website? For example, sales interest instead of property management leads?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need an SEO checkup. If you are a property manager and fine-tuning your SEO seems too complicated, don’t worry. Fourandhalf offers a free website SEO checkup for property management websites.

Here’s what you want to look for if you’re doing your own checkup:

URL Names

Take a look at your URL. You want it to make sense. Focus on whether it’s readable and relevant to what’s on your home page.

Home Page Media

Make sure there is engaging media on your home page. Videos are the best option because when people click on your page, they have something to engage with. Google tracks the amount of time visitors spend on your site, so people watching videos will increase their time on site and decrease your bounce rate, which is when someone visits your home page and never interacts with it or goes further into your site. This can count against you.

Loading Time

Does your page load quickly? If it does not, that’s a major issue that can cost you visitors and SEO opportunities. Use this link to check how quickly and effectively your page loads:

Social Icons

If you have a social presence, you want your website to get that value. Always include links to your social platforms on the website’s home page.


The right amount of content is crucial to SEO. You want to provide just enough for Google to track the key terms that you want to use. Content helps your site to be more searchable. However, you don’t want all of your site’s information on your home page – you want visitors to be interested enough to click further into your site, increasing your bounce rate.

Outbound Links

Include links to relevant sites in your field on your home page. For example, linking to the NARPM site, or other industry pages, is a good way to boost your SEO.


Lastly, Google recently made a change that prioritizes websites that are mobile-friendly. Use this link  to check and see if your site is mobile-friendly:

If you’re having trouble with any of these topics, remember that we can provide property managers with free SEO checkups. Please contact Fourandhalf if we can help.

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