How to Market a Property Management Company

Congratulations, you’ve decided to start a property management company! So – how are you going to market it?

Don’t fall into these property management marketing traps!


The Absent Marketer

You’re a new property manager, which means you’re wearing a LOT of hats. So many, in fact, that you forgot to wear your marketing hat altogether.


The Panicked Marketer

In between fixing toilets and interviewing tenants, you panic-post quick photos of your rental. They’re not great, and you lose leads because of them.


The Overzealous Marketer

You’re so focused on making sure that your email newsletter and website are perfect that you completely forget to respond to your first prospective owner.

Yes, you should be marketing now.
No, you don’t need to panic.

You know marketing is important, so you’ve picked out some platforms to focus on, set some goals, and created an action plan for achieving them. You know your property management business is still growing, so you’re not over-focusing on marketing – you’ve got plenty else to do, after all – but you’re not ignoring it, either.

The Goal: Be A Balanced Marketer

1. Define your target audience

As tempting as it is to say “anyone and everyone,” getting clear about the types of owners you want to work with will help you narrow the scope of your marketing, saving you time and money. Are you focused on multi-unit buildings? Single-family homes? How much renovation are you willing to do? Create a description for your ideal client, and keep it somewhere close as you draft your marketing plan.

2. Build Your Marketing Launch Pad: Website, Social Media, Email

Trying to get your business seen on every online platform can be overwhelming when you’re starting out. So, focus on three: build a clean, user-friendly website, choose a social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, etc), and create an email newsletter. This gives you a homebase (website), a place to put relevant, public announcements (social media), and a way to start nurturing your leads (email).

3. Collect reviews & testimonials

Testimonials and word of mouth are KEY to growing your property management business, especially at the start. Respond to reviews promptly and professionally. Use negative reviews to grow and improve your business; use positive reviews to spread the word about your business.

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What’s it Like to Partner With Fourandhalf? Catch Up with Our Lifetime Clients

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Stephanie Gordon

I’m really pleased with my Fourandhalf website – I think it looks new and fresh and is easy for users to navigate. One of the best features is the quarterly check in with the Fourandhalf team which allows me to look at the web site and see how it is performing. This quarterly analysis shows me how many users I get, where they go on my site, and what SEO words are bringing them to my site. I can now make changes so that I’m attracting the type of users I want based on facts. Our websites are one of our most important marketing tools yet most of us rarely look at them once they are up and running.

Stephanie Gordon

Gordon Property Management, San Francisco

Jennifer Newton

I have been able to lean on Fourandhalf as a true marketing partner […] In a competitive market, they were able to help me standout and grow my business.

Jennifer Newton

Walters Home Management, San Diego

Jock McNeill

I love our Fourandhalf website and have seen a significant increase in engagement with our prospective clients. The leads are better quality and higher quantity which allows our business development manager to close more contracts. After several years owning a business, I’ve found that it is more effective to find “who” can do the job instead of “how” to do the job. Fourandhalf is the “who” you need to keep those leads coming so you can focus on other, higher-margin efforts in your business. Thanks guys, we’re enjoying the new website

Jock McNeill, MPM, RMP

Alliance Property Management, Santa Rosa

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