Property Management Marketing and Facebook

Today, we are continuing our discussion on Property Management Marketing – specifically, we are going to talk about your company’s Facebook page. Imagine the Facebook page the way you would imagine a new property you’ve just begun to manage. Before showing that property, you want to make sure the grass looks nice and there is new paint on the walls. You want to make sure that property is rent ready. The same thing applies to your Facebook page. You want to make sure it looks its best before you bring any new clients to your page. So, let’s get started with a new, blank Facebook page.

Profile Picture

Start by adding a profile picture. The profile picture will ideally be a square icon of the company’s logo. Rectangular pictures will sometimes get stretched out or condensed really tightly, so it may not look as good as a square icon will. Make sure it fits in the confines of where the icon should go. You don’t want your picture to expand past that frame, because you want your clients to see a clean logo and a logo they can easily read.

Cover Photo

Next, add your cover photo. This is very important because you can use the space to represent the area your company manages. Make sure your cover photo accurately reflects where you are. For example, if your property management company manages buildings or houses in Minnesota, you don’t want to show a beach scene. That palm tree won’t represent your area and when people land on the page, they will be confused. You might want to show a picture with a landmark from your city or region so that people know, right away, that they’re in the right place. Work with the cover photo to ensure it looks good. You don’t want it squished or showing buildings that are cut off. Make it look great and your Facebook page will be rent ready.

Additional Information

You have a few other options to include important information once you have the profile picture and the cover photo loaded. Click on the blue lettering for the “About” section and really get into the details of what you do. You can add a description and list your hours. You can include categories that identify the work your company does and you can list a price range and add information on parking. There is a lot you can work with here, so take advantage of it and be thorough.

After you have put all your information on your Facebook page that you want to share, go back to the profile picture and edit it so that it is scaled to fit. That will give the icon the best look and your Facebook page will be ready to go.

If you have any questions about how to get your Facebook page rent ready so it can help attract new clients and appeal to existing clients, please contact us at Fourandhalf.