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Internet Marketing Guide


We put this book together as a tool for professionals who know a lot about property management, but maybe not so much about Internet marketing.


The Goal

Find a budget you can afford, to attract the customer you desire, and then close the sale. We help you keep your eyes on the prize: Incoming owner leads, and the resulting growth in your portfolio.




Where will you spend your marketing dollars? We'll discuss Social Media Presence, Content Marketing, Online Reputation, Landing Page, and Advertising, to name a few.



We're giving property managers some great ideas on how to develop an Internet marketing strategy that works. So, how do you get started? Start reading.

Why read this book?

Reach more customers online, and close more leads with help from Alex Osenenko and the Fourandhalf team.

Property Managers can lose up to 30% of their portfolio every year. Don't waste your money marketing your company the wrong way.

This guide provides property managers the Internet marketing knowledge to not only bring in leads right now, but to build you an online media platform that will help your company attract and close new business for years to come.

- Alex Osenenko
Author - President,

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