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Google Adwords for Property Management Companies.

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Get more Property Management Leads and grow your business.

We only focus on Landlord Leads.

A Fourandhalf managed Google Ads campaign focuses on attracting Landlord and Real Estate Investor searches, while filtering the rest out.

Our team’s single-minded dedication to the Property Management industry translates into the highest possible Return On Investment for you. Simply put, this is how you would do it yourself, if you knew everything there is to know about Google Ads.

The team at fourandhalf is awesome! Their honest approach and experience helped me grow my PM business effortlessly.

Ahmad, Foursquare Property Management

Measure and track everything.

Track Owner LeadsHow many landlord leads did you receive last month? What is your conversion rate? Should you increase or decrease your Adwords budget for next month?

Fourandhalf team will measure, optimize test and report on every aspect of your Adwords campaign, so you can make data-driven decisions and grow your business. 

Conversion Rate

Landlord Leads

The Fourandhalf team helped us to double our conversion rate and remove all tenant and other unrelated keyword searches from our Google Adwords Campaign – effectively tripling our ROI on every $1 spent with Google Adwords.

Mike Catalano, Real Estate Connections

Close more leads with the Landing Page that converts.

Close Property Management LeadsYour landing page is your Internet-Based sales person that never sleeps, offering your prospects every reason to hire your Property Management Company without any distractions.

Fourandhalf team will design a professional landing page to help convert as many prospects as possible. We’ll feature your key value propositions, explainer video, customer reviews, special offers and much more.

Great to work with a company that knows that property management is vertical, is staffed by bright, enthusiastic employees and has a fair fee structure.


Improve your Sales Process with Call Recording.

Owner Sales ProcessYour Fourandhalf Adwords campaign comes with a complete call tracking engine, notifying you the moment prospect dials your number. 
The notification will include the name and number of a caller as well as a fully recorded conversation so you can review and coach your sales team.

Fourandhalf's customer service is second to none. They are always available to answer any questions and to provide insight into any concerns we may have. With Fourandhalf's input and guidance we have been able to change our Google+ online ranking from 2.2 with 10 mostly negative reviews at the beginning of the year to a 4.5 ranking with almost 100 reviews in November. We have been very happy with Fourandhalf's services.

Sydney, Sweyer Property Management

Outperform your competition and never stop improving.

Best Property Management CompanyGoogle Ads clicks are expensive and the only way to get the best ROI is to never stop testing.

The Fourandhalf Adwords team will constantly run A/B testing of your ads and have 2 variants of your Landing Page running at all times. We’ll test various design lay outs, special offers, videos, value propositions, etc to ensure you get the best Return on Investment in the industry.

Work with Premier Google Partners

Your Fourandhalf Property Management PPC team is Google certified. We are constantly talking with Google, and even visiting the Google campus in making sure that your ad dollars are being absolutely optimized and looking for the latest innovative ways to improve campaigns. Simply put, we have the best resource in helping your property management company succeed in advertising.

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